The selection of the uncoiler machine needs to be selected according to the material properties, material width, material thickness, coil inner diameter, coil outer diameter, weight, and unwinding speed.

Henli’s commonly used uncoiler machine include light uncoiler, heavy uncoiler, hydraulic heavy uncoiler, double-head uncoiler, and disc uncoiler.

1. Small and light coils are more suitable for light uncoiler, with a load capacity of 100kg and 200kg. It is cheap and can be used for unwinding and rewinding;

2. Heavy-duty coils are more suitable for heavy uncoiler, with large load capacity and high degree of customization. They are commonly used unwinding equipment in the stamping industry. The price is moderate and is the choice of most customers.

3. Heavy-duty coils and wide-sheet coils over 2 tons are more suitable for hydraulic heavy uncoiler, with a load of 2 tons to 20 tons. The hydraulic expansion and contraction method is adopted, which is more convenient to operate and use.

4. It is more suitable to use a double-head uncoiler when the coil material is used in a large amount and is used quickly. When one coil of material is used, another material coil can be loaded, and the coil can be changed without stopping.

5. The coil for high-speed stamping is more suitable for disc uncoiler, and the uncoiler speed can reach 30m/min.