There are many kinds of coil handling feeders in our company, in order to choose a suitable feeder, we should first know the differences of various types of feeders, and the emphasis of each feeder is different, when we know the difference between them, we can clearly and reasonably choose the feeder we want. Here are some of our company’s most popular feeders. Let me introduce them one by one.

1. NC Precision Servo Feeder

nc servo feeder machine

nc servo feeder machine

NC servo feeder is the most popular and widely used feeder in China at present, its servo system is controlled by Japan Mitsubishi Electric Control System, it has stable performance, high feeding accuracy and feeding accuracy of 0.03mm, Because this feeder has a touch screen, it can achieve multi-functional operation, simple and fast operation, effectively shorten the preparation time, improve productivity, it is the preferred machine model. It’s suitable for feeding materials with thickness of 0-6.0 mm.

NC servo feeder has two types: pneumatic feeder and mechanical feeder, the standard configuration is pneumatic relaxer, which has wider application range, faster mechanical relaxation speed and easier operation, in addition, the NC feeder can be equipped with various functions according to the specific needs of customers.

2. RFS High Speed Roller Feeder

High speed roller feeder is suitable for feeding metal materials with thickness of 0-3.5mm, the feeder has simple structure, economical and practical, low failure rate, easy maintenance and no additional energy supply, and it is widely used in stamping industry at present.

3. AF Pneumatic Air Feeder

Air feeder is suitable for automatic feeding of 0-3mm metal, plastic, paper tape and other materials, air feeder is an early feeding equipment, powered by air source, it’s suitable for punch without output shaft end. It can realize low-cost automatic feeding, it is mainly used for feeding stamping products with low speed and accuracy requirements.

Above is our company’s main sales of several very popular, lots of, very common several types of feeder, each feeder has its own model characteristics, you can according to the actual situation of your own factory and needs, to determine which one you should choose the suitable feeder.