In the hardware industry, the stamping and peripheral equipment is the most important part. The equipment price have totally great different, some machine is middle price; other is higher 3 times than other. The stamping peripheral equipment like feeder, decoiler, leveler, 3 in 1 servo feeder, stamping feeder machine, etc. simple structure and very easy to copy by the fake production.

How to purchase a machine with suitable price and outstanding quality, HENLI machine was summary 18 years’ experience and share for all of the customers. All of the user will hope the machine have long using life and higher working efficient when buy them. So when make the purchase decision, please remember do not pay more attention in the different on the price to choose the cheaper quality machine.

Here is some attention point as follow

  1. The buyer need to know the coil material specification clearly, then when purchase the machine, buyer need to double confirm the machine specification if the coil material in the machine efficient or not. Of course, the machine need to order large space for the current material, because maybe will use the bigger width material in the future product.
  2. Need to ask the factory offer the technical project for buyer before make the purchase order, which will ensure the machine specification as the contrast between buyer and the supplier.
  3. Confirm the parameter with the factory. It is very easy be neglect that no matter which factory you contact, the factory will suggest the similar model to you according your material requirement. Even similar model also have different details in the machine, so the buyer need to double confirm the machine specification details with the factory before delivery.
  4. Choosing about 3 suppliers to compare, and if possible it is best that go to supplier’s customer to inspection the machine using condition, quality and especially the after-sales service. After comprehensive consideration, choose the best suitable supplier and negotiation the payment method.

HENLI equipment factory is mainly selling feeder, leveler, decoiler, 2 in 1 decoier and straightener, 3 in 1 servo feeder machine etc. The company culture is for BRADN DEPENDS ON QUALITY. We are promise all of us customer offer the best service and quality. If you have any question about the feeder machine, please kindly contact me. Thank you so much!