There are tens of coil feeders on market, the one only working for coil sheet feed has more than 10 types. Stampers would feel puzzled when facing so many kinds of coil feeders. Henli Machinery has developed 4 popular models, which can fulfill most requirements during feeding work. Here I introduce all 4 models’ features and buying advice for your reference.

1    Introduction of feeder machines.

Air feeder is a kind of gripper feeder, which is the earliest feed machines on stamping. Its power source is air pressure, controlled by stroke space length of air cylinder. You can adjust feed space by adding or subtracting cylinder stroke length. Air feeder has features like simple structure, easy-installing, easy-operating. As its power source is air cylinder, it is perfectly to handle fast SPM, short space, and narrow strip. O ring may be wear out after running for a time, which will greatly degrade feed accuracy.

press machine equipped with nc servo feeder machine

Roller feeder is a kind of roller feed equipment. Roller feeder is connected with press machine through a long connection rod. Press machine provides driven power directly to roller feeder. Feed space is adjusted by changing eccentricity of the eccentric disk. Its mechanism can exactly follow press S.P.M. so roller feeder is ideal for high speed punch press machine. Roller feeder has features like accurate feeding, steady performance, and more economic that servo feeder machine. As eccentricity of the eccentric disk is limited, space length is also limited, and it is not that much convenient to adjust roller feeder space length.

press machine equipped with nc servo feeder machine

Servo feeder solves problems like short space length, low feeding accuracy. It is free to choose NC servo feeder machines according to different material thickness and width. With self-build touch screen control, it is easy to set space length and multi-space-feed. Servo feeder is most economical feeder machine. There are two kinds of NC servo feeder machine, one is mechanical type, and one is pneumatic type. Mechanical servo feeder need to connect with output shaft of press machine, and pneumatic type just get signals form press machine output.

press machine equipped with nc servo feeder machine

Since appearing of servo feeder on market, servo feeder machine has been rapidly getting shares from the rest kinds of feeder machine. It is populate with its good operating interface, high accurate feeding, and good to match a wide range of material.

2    How to choose proper feeder

We conclude below “4Considerations” to help make your best choice.

1)   Consider press machine

High speed stamping machine is firstly chose mechanical servo feeder machine (model no. NC) and roller feeder (model no. RFS), then air feeder (model no. AF); According to press machine output shaft structure, the one that can add release-connection–rod device, can choose mechanical feeder machines like RFS AND mechanical NC.

2)   Consider press mold

According to space length and feeding accuracy, air feeder and roller feeder work well with short space length (ex. 300-500 S.P.M.). NC servo feeder is perfect to handle big space length and multi-length-feed.

3)   Consider material

Material width and thickness is important factors to choose machine type. You can refer to our coil handling equipment catalog, where we list out detailed parameters.

4)   Consider operation

Most easy operating one is air release NC servo feeder. Roller feeder is the most difficulty one among three kinds of feeders mentioned above.

All factors above need to take into account, best solution based on completely knowing customers’ requirements.

Here I just mentioned four kinds of most populate feeder machines (including 2 kinds of NC feeder), you can look through our website for more specific models. We provide both OEM and ODM service for customers, such as customized zigzag blanking line and 3 in 1 NC servo straightener feeder machine. Don’t hesitate to contact us now if you have any interest or problems.