NC servo feeder as the third generation popular feeding device, besides of the difference of model/suitable material thickness(2.2mm、3.2mm、4.5mm、6.0mm).According to the way of release, it can divided into Mechanical type and Pneumatic type NC Servo Feeder.

Let’s analyze how to choose mechanical or pneumatic type in actual production today.

mechanical vs pneumatic

Both of them have the same feeding principle: Both use the touch screen to input motion commands (feeding length、feeding speed and feeding times etc.) for the PLC. Quantitative high-speed pulse number control by the PLC to control the servo driver running. And then the servo driver controls the rotational position and speed of the servo motor. Finally drives the feeding roller through the timing pulley to achieve precise feeding.

The difference of Mechanical type and Pneumatic type NC servo feeder is the way of release in production.

Pneumatic NC servo feeder is connected by the relax cam set through punching machine (The traditional punching machine haven’t the camps it need to add the cam piece).The release action of feeder solenoid valve (traditional punching is matched with proximity switch) is provided by the relax cam of punching machine. The releasing action is slowly, but it can matching with different kind of punching machine use. And more suitable for thick-heavy material、short feeding step and stretched products auto feeding.

Pneumatic NC servo feeder is driven by electric, and get release signal from press machine. There is no knock bar on its back, which is the difference compared to mechanical servo feeder machine

Mechanical NC servo feeder need to add the release lever device in the cam of punching machine. The lever is pressed down to loosen the bearing, so that the upper roller on the feeder can be achieve synchronization relax when punching. So when installing the mechanical NC servo feeder need to equip with assisting device on the punch slider. It has limit on the size and model of the matching punch. But the releasing action is very quickly, it’s more suitable for short feeding step and high speed production line and matching with tradition punching machine.

You can see there is a black bar with silver bearing, which is the significant difference between mechanical servo feeder and pneumatic servo feeder

Actually, how to choose a machine that best suits your production needs must be combined with the product itself. Any unclear please feel free to contact me.