Shearing machine which is widely use in industrial production, the main usage is cutting material of setting length with high practicality. In traditional, the way of cutting adopts to manual feeding and then cutting. Due to the low efficiency of the manual operation and work on the problem of deviation in the feeding caused the low-quality shearing of the finished product in the later stage. Moreover, the manual operation is labor-intensive with low production efficiency, and the accident rate of safety production is high caused by exist safety hazard.

cut to length line

cut to length line with nc servo feeder

Currently, the shearing machine is usually equipped with auxiliary feeder equipment when processing. It’s convenient for feeding material to ensure stable feeding accuracy, but also reduce labor intensity and update safety performance at the same time.

So, how to choose the right feeding device for shearing machine?

The shearing machine does not have a transmission output shaft such a punching machine, and the feeding direction is from front to back. There are two kind of feeding devices suitable for, the one is HENLI’s air feeder which has cheap price; the other one is HENLI’s NC Servo feeder which supports multi-size cutting, widely use in cutting and high precision.

We suggest our customer’s purchase any machine should be according to actual production needs.

  • If the cutting length of the shearing machine is fixed and the precision requirement is not so high, HENLI’s air feeder with competitive price can be selected;
  • If the shearing machine has a wide range of cutting length and high precision requirement, you can choose HENLI’s NC servo feeder.

Unlike the punching feeder, the feeder (whether the air feeder or the NC servo feeder) installed in the shearing machine is equipped with a separate shelf. Easy fixing, the shelf will not shake when cutting.