How to choose a suitable decoiler machine, there are generally three steps to determine the decoiler that suits you.

1. First determine the basic parameters such as material, width, thickness, material weight, inner and outer diameter of the customer’s material.

2. Understand the customer’s processing parts to match their own configuration

① Frequency control configuration

②Cylinder pressing arm device

③Adjustment of inner and outer diameters

④Hydraulic expansion device

⑤Hydraulic loading trolley

⑥Photoelectric induction device or proximity switch induction device

3. Determine the size of the customer’s workshop space, the models that need to be matched in the follow-up, and the increased processing technology.

Through the above three steps, you can clearly determine the decoiler machine that suits you, so that a series of remedial measures will not occur in the follow-up due to buying the wrong model.