Here are six points about the selection method of the servo feeder for the reference of the majority of stamping customers when purchasing:

1. Look at the electrical configuration
The quality of the core electrical configuration of the servo feeder directly affects its accuracy, stability, performance, life and failure rate. Therefore, the core electrical configuration is an important indicator to measure the quality of the servo feeder. The electrical configuration is mainly reflected in the servo motor and driver brand, PLC brand, touch screen size and brand, circuit breaker and AC contactor brand.

Henli servo feeder electrical configuration is: Japan’s Mitsubishi (Yaskawa) servo motor and driver, Japan’s Mitsubishi (Yaskawa) PLC, Taiwan’s Weilun 7-inch touch screen, Delixi circuit breaker and AC contactor

2. Inquire about the production status of core mechanical components
The core mechanical components of the servo feeder are feeding rollers, bearings, gears, and synchronous pulleys. The quality of these directly affects the feeding accuracy, stability, failure rate, use and maintenance costs and service life.

3. Check the strength of the manufacturer
Check the manufacturer’s brand, market share, market user reputation, years of production experience, and the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer’s production and after-sales. After selecting a few, go to the manufacturer for on-site inspection.

4. Measure the performance of the servo feeder
It is recommended that customers go to the manufacturer to test the feeding accuracy, feeding speed and feeding stability of the servo feeder on the spot. The performance is the core point to distinguish a good machine from a bad machine.

5. Check whether the operation meets the requirements
When the servo feeder is used, it is necessary to carry out single-shot feeding to test the mold, so it is not only necessary to have a touch screen for operation, but also to be equipped with a vertical operating handle. In addition, the height and size of the electric box for operation also need to meet the actual needs.

6. Whether installation, commissioning, training guidance, and after-sales service are complete and fast

When purchasing a servo feeder, you need to ask carefully whether there is support for warranty, parts replacement, etc. Of course, these henli can be provided, welcome to consult.