The leveling machine is a mechanical device that uses the leveling rollers to displace the plate to level the internal stress. The HENLI leveling machine has many types, which can be applied to all kinds of coiled plates, plates, sheets and stamped parts.

Although there are many types of leveling machines, their operation is basically the same, mainly to adjust the leveling of the leveling machine. How to adjust the leveling machine?

Here, HENLI Machinery uses the common precision coiling material leveling machine as an example to explain the leveling method of the leveling machine:

Straightener Leveling Machines
  1. First, prepare the adjustment of the precision leveling machine. Cut the coil material into pieces of material about 1 meter long, prepare to use in adjusting the leveling machine, and connect the external power supply of the leveling machine to open the leveling machine.
  2. Appropriately raise the presser spring of the leveling machine, and prepare to feed the cut material into the leveling machine for trial preparation.
  3. leveling machine, and then adjust the operation button on the control box on the electric control box of the leveling machine to the manual control position, and then press the inch. Rotate forward so that the material to be leveled slowly passes through the leveler until the material exits the discharge port.
  4. Evenly adjust the sizing adjustment hand wheel of the leveling machine and press down the material until the material cannot be pulled gently.
  5. Press the inching forward on the electric control box to make the rear part of the material pass through the leveling machine. If the arc of the material after passing the leveling machine is opposite to the original arc, it means that the leveling handle is pressed too much, and it needs to be appropriate to raise the hand wheel.
  6. After using the hand wheel to adjust the height, press the inching forward on the electric control box to test the material again. If the material curvature after the trial is still the direction of the original arc, the arc is much smaller , indicating that the scoring adjustment hand wheel is too much, it needs to be lowered a little.
  7. In the process of leveling and rectification, the material is inclined to one side. This situation is because the pressure at both ends of the leveling roller is inconsistent. The leveling handle should be adjusted so that the leveling roller on one side of the running material is upward to reduce the friction with the material.

How to adjust the leveling machine is very important for keeping the precision of the leveling. This is the way usually used in adjusting the leveling machine.