We all know that it is also very important to install and use the equipment after the customer purchases the automatic servo feeder. In the installation, the feeder and the punching mold horizontal height adjustment setting are the basic requirements for the installation of the punch feeder.

Therefore,usually when I received inquiries,I will ask the customes to provide related parameters to me, including the feeding line height mentioned above, which is what we usually call it mold height.

The customer from Iran placed an order for 4 sets of NC-300 servo feeders from me. When I needed him to provide the mold height parameters, he texted messages continuously to me: Just feeder don’t need this data I know. Why do you need height?

I know your question,but I don’t know why. Face to these questions,I gave an example to let him know: If the mold height is 200mm, the range of the install plate that we are equipped with can be set in the range of 100-300mm, so that suitable for all the molds within the range of the customer production. Then he got it,and marked the mold range on the paper for me. In order to ensure the customer’s production efficiency is maximized, and the data error will also cause the feeder not to be installed.

feeding line height

Since the mold height (automatic feeder and horizontal line of stamping die) is so important, how should we adjust it?

In automatic punching production line, no matter use Automatic NC feeder or ziazag feeder ,it is most of the installation methods are to install the automatic feeder install  plate on the side of the press side and then in the fixed position. In order to ensure stable feeding, the fixing bolts on the install plate should be adjusted according to different molds. To change the height of the automatic feeding line, and the adjustment feeding line height is determined according to the customer’s production and the height of the mold.

In addition to the height adjustment of the horizontal line of the punching machine and the stamping die during installation. During production, the operator should adjust the height of the automatic feeder and the mold line according to the height adjustment of different stamping die lines. Only when the feeding height of the feeder is consistent with the horizontal line of the stamping die can we be more precise in the production process and the conveying is smoother. How to adjust it?

First of all, we have to determine the position of the new mold horizontal line to adjust the height. The feeding line height needs to be adjusted or lowered. After clearing the feeding height adjustment range of the feeder, it is necessary to confirm that the automatic feeding machine of the punching machine is installed on the board. Whether the height adjustment bolt can be adjusted to the required feed height after being adjusted to the limit; If it can reach our adjustment range, only need to loosen the screw of the NC servo feeder on the mounting plate until it can twist the height adjustment bolt of the punch feeder, adjust the height to the required height and fix the high speed roller. The bolts on the board can be locked. If it is not enough this range, the whole machine must be removed and re-punched to fix the height of the mounting plate so that the adjustment height can meet the new mold line height requirements.

This is the main reason why we must confirm this indispensable parameter before production. Our equipment is mainly exported to foreign countries. If it cannot be used because it cannot be installed, the cost is too expensive.