I am not sure if you still remember that I wrote a news about How to adjust the feeding line height of servo feeder and stamping die last week. The main topic I want to let you know is How the user adjust and test the NC servo feeder before putting it into production which is closely related to the last weekly news.

I need my customers to provide the parameters of the feeding line height when he placed an order from me. Actually, it is prepared for the customers’ actual production needs.

Each NC servo feeder HENLI Machinery export will be equipped with a install plate, and our equipment engineers will set the activity range of the install plate according to the feeding line height provided by the customer, so that suitable for all the molds within the range of the customer production. Everything is based on ensure the customer’s production efficiency is maximized. The following please allow me to introduce three adjustment and test ways for NC servo feeders.

1/ The adjust and test way of NC servo feeder pressure

The NC servo feeder has a spring compression force adjustment switch, as long as adjust to the actual strength until the transfer material and the roller don’t slip is ok.

You should pay more attention to the strength of the press spring when debugging. When the adjustment pressure is too high, the material will be deformed, bent and damaged. If the adjustment pressure is too small, the roller of the NC feeder will not be able to work, and no effect, cause that the inability to accurately transfer the material. If the material is too narrow or too soft, the clamping cylinder air tube must be unplugged and tied up ,and then adjusted the spring to the proper position.

2/ The adjust and test way of NC servo feeder up and down

Firstly, the height of the NC servo feeder should be the same as the height of the tooling line of the punching machine, and then adjust to the mutually consistent position within the adjustment range according to the adjustment button. If the height of the NC servo feeder is different from the tooling line, It will not feeding smoothly and accurately when the feeder working That’s the reason why we need the feeding line height from our customer.

3/ The adjust and test way of NC servo feeder block wheel width

The servo feeder adjusts the width of the stopper wheel have to match the material. First loosen the stopper wheel screw and relax the roller of the NC servo feeder later.

Then put the material into the mold from the roller (as far as possible in the middle of the roller), and then move the stopper wheel to both sides of the material, and then fix the screw with a gap of about 0.2 mm. After fixing, the material should be easily twitched by hand.

Before the NC servo feeder putting in production, the above three ways must be pre-commissioned. Otherwise, the delivery will be inaccurate and slippery. If you don’t adjust during you production, feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading!