In today’s increasingly high precision, efficiency, and automation requirements of stamping products, stamping equipment will be eliminated from the market if it is not updated in time. As the traditional air feeder gradually withdraws from the market, is there any better machine to replace it?

The answer is yes. The NC servo feeder is a better choice in the stamping market.

Why choose NC Servo Feeder?
Henli NC servo feeder is equipped with Mitsubishi PLC, Mitsubishi servo motor and driver, and Taiwan Weilun 7-inch touch screen as standard electronic control system. At the same time, according to the different machine tools, there are pneumatic NC servo feeders and mechanical NC servo feeders to choose from. Compared with the traditional old air feeders, it has four significant performance advantages:

1. The feeding step distance is not limited, it can be set at will from 0 to 10 meters, and it has the function of multi-stage feeding.
The traditional air feeder has a strict limit on the feeding step, but the NC servo feeder does not have this limitation. The application of numerical control system not only makes it possible to set the feeding step at will, but also has the function of multi-stage feeding, which can meet the requirements of various stamping production processes.

2. Higher feeding precision and easier operation.
The operation and setting of the NC servo feeder are basically completed through the touch screen, and the precise control of the motor by the servo system ensures its high precision.

3. Low failure rate, easier maintenance and lower cost.
The traditional air feeder needs to replace the seals frequently, and at the same time, there will be problems of air leakage and insufficient lubrication, and maintenance is very cumbersome. The NC servo feeder does not have such problems, and maintenance is very simple. Usually, it is only necessary to simply wipe the machine.

4. The degree of customization is higher and the scope of use is wider.
The NC servo feeder can be customized for thick plate, high-speed, yaw, and high-speed thick plates according to requirements, and can be used with various machine tools such as punching machines, shearing machines, hydraulic presses, laser cutting machines, and forming machines. An excellent alternative to traditional air feeders.