Uncoiler Machine, also known as decoiler machine. It is a device specially designed for uncoiling metal coils. It can be used for uncoiling and rewinding metal coils. It is widely used in household appliances, auto parts, hardware, electronics and other fields. It improves the production capacity of the enterprise and reduces the expenditure of labor costs.

The structure of the uncoiler machine is simple, consisting of steel support frame, tiles, motor, reducer, electric box, etc. The overall structure is compact, and the use area of the machine site is small, and the production efficiency can be further improved through reasonable wiring and a reasonable number of equipment.

Before the metal coil is stamped, it needs to be uncoiled by the uncoiler before it can be fed to the punch press machine with the coil feeder machine. So how does the uncoiler work?

First of all, the speed of the standard equipment is fixed at 15m/min. After the operator places the coil material on the material rack, it starts to work after turning on the power supply, turning on the automatic and forward rotation knobs, and the material rotates with the material rack to achieve the purpose of uncoiling. When the uncoiled material length reaches the stamping condition, it will stops. The start and stop of the material rack is controlled by the induction rack at the front end of the material rack.