Recently, many customers asked me how to feed the nc feeder, but this time I encountered a special problem. The picture is as follows:

The customer asked me if the punching machine can be synchronized after the feeding is completed, because the customer’s punching machine is an old punching machine, so the feeding cannot be directly controlled automatically, but we only need to figure out two problems: first, whether there is a foot switch; second Whether it is a single stamping. If it is an old punch, when we turn on the electricity, it will be continuously punched. The problem is more troublesome. Moreover, if there is a battery valve to control the cylinder and the double button, it will be simpler because we can control the foot switch and change the circuit diagram. You can do a single punch by debugging the parameters. If would like to know more. Plz contact me at any time.

In addition, when we choose the NC feeder, we have the following three points:

  1. The size of the main specifications of the punch feeder should be compatible with the processing size of the workpiece. That is, small workpieces should be selected for small-size automatic feeders, while large workpieces should be equipped with large-size automatic feeders for reasonable use of the equipment.
  2. The working precision of the punch feeder is compatible with the machining accuracy required by the process. According to the processing precision requirements of the parts, the feeder is selected. If the roughing process with low precision is required, the feeder with low precision should be selected, and the finishing process with high precision should be selected.
  3. The type of feeder depends on the size of the machine, the type of punch, the type of punch, the weight of the workpiece, and so on. There are too many types of punches in the market.

Below is the link to install video:

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