3in1 servo feeder is combine decoling, straightening, feeding, 3 functions in one machine. It has many advantages like save more space, easy to operate, excellent effects on special length, width, and thick materials, it’s considered to be the advanced feeding machine in stamping industrial, I got a customer inquiry about feeding length, if not accuracy how do we repair it. If you know the below reasons you will understand.
Feeding length wrong we also call it feeding roll slip, it’s because the pinch roller pinch not so tight cause the sheet feeding inaccuracy, it may cause the problem that the feeding doesn’t match with the set value, and the machine can’t examine the problem, it will still be running, so waste material.

1, feeding roll and the reducer connection are unstable

Roller and the gear is connected by a blocker, after years using it may become smaller result in the problem

reducer’s connection with the roller

reducer’s connection with the roller

2, The air supply is not enough to grip the sheet to feed:

We use the air cylinder to control the roller, Usually the air supply 5 kg/cm² will be enough, but mostly the air supply is share to several machines that’s the reason why.

3, Mold positioning problem

In the feeding process of the 3in1 feeder, for meeting the accuracy requirements, it’s generally required to set the positioning pin in the mold. If the material will go off during the feeding process, it’s likely the positioning of the mold goes wrong, so you might have to remake the positioning pin.

When the machine goes wrong, the first choice is to consult the suppliers in case you do it wrong. No matter how good machine is it needs maintenance. If you want to use the feeder, you can’t do it without the usual maintenance.

  1. You should check the feeder every 6 months or 1000 hours.
  2. Check the circuit internal and external.
  3. If the operation panel buttons and the contacts are not connected
  4. Does the Servo system has too much dust and oil pollution
  5. There’s’ a cooling fan in the electric control box to protect the motor from overheating. There is a filter in the cooling fan to keep the fan away from the dust, but if the filter is blocked, the function of the cooling fan will be invalid. The temperature of the box rises, causing damage to the transistor.

You can see our 3in1 feeder working demo, have a look.