In general, before we choose to purchase, we must first understand what is the industry in which the press feeder is used and the specific parameters of the feeder, such as the material width, the feed rate (how many meters per minute), the gear There are many other issues such as numerical control. Specific we can do from the following points:

First of all, we should understand the production requirements of stamping products

Before choosing, we first need to know whether the stamped product is suitable for the automatic production of the feeder. This depends on the production process of the integrated product. Whether the raw material can be changed into a coil and the production volume of the product is a measure of the suitability of the product.

Secondly, make sure about the coils suitable parament

In order to purchase the most suitable feeder, we must first understand the actual needs of its own stamping production, such as the material, width, thickness of the stamping material, what type of punch press to use, how fast the punch press speed, whether there is a guide pin, whether there is output shaft , Stamping products accuracy requirements, ideal feeding speed of the feeder, how much feeding step, step needs to change frequently, with its own needs to buy a feeder, so that stamping production to achieve maximum efficiency.

Third, choose a reasonable punch feeder

When choosing a punch feeder, do not blindly pursue the lower price of the feeder. Many customers use the feeder price as a standard for purchasing in order to control the cost. As a result, the long-term development will be missed because of the immediate interests. When the feeder is purchased It is regrettable when it is constantly on the way; however, customers can’t blindly pursue the latest and most expensive equipment. The latest feeder equipment may not be suitable for every customer. The most important thing is to make materials width, thickness, and feed material according to their own stamping production. Steps, speed requirements and other factors, combined with their own capital budget selection of suitable equipment.

Fourth, choose a punch feeder manufacturers

The purchase of automatic equipment such as press feeders is not a one-time investment. It also involves follow-up timely and reliable maintenance, maintenance, maintenance and other issues, so we must choose a strong manufacturer to buy. For foreign customers, we must ask whether there is an office nearby. If there is a fault, we can solve it in the first time and minimize the downtime of the press line.

The very best convenient way to konw the suitable line is contact a professional Sales,  I am sure they will help a lot when you got any confusion about it.