In the former news I mentioned that we participated in the Amtex Fair in July in New Delhi, India with our Indian distributor MPS together. Actually, there are four companies brand at our booth, sharing the same participant’s name MPS. First is RIKEN KEIKI, specializes in automatic press monitoring devices. Second is KANTO SEIKI, selling automatic liquid chiller. Third is SUMICO, offering oil grease&dry lubricants. The last one is HENLI, we manufacture coil feeders and offer factory automation for coil, sheet processing and stamping automation solution. The former three are all Japanese companies, only us from China. However, our booth is the most popular one, especially sheet feeder, NC servo zig-zag feeder, stamping robots and 6 axis articulated robot. Regarding sheet feeder, customers consulted from us most Indian manufacturers. One of them is making all kinds of medals, asking an automation solution from us after seeing our working videos of the sheet feeder on our TV show. Here’s our photo in front of our booth as below:

Sheet feeder is mostly used in punching holes by different kinds of press machines. Not only it can feed strip material, but also it can punching multiple lines of holes. This product has the numerical control system and two shaft feeder, with ordinary punch after online, ordinary punch is converted into a CNC punch press, which has the general press incomparable advantages: computer can realize the whole sheet, automatic discharging, automatic feed, automatic stamping, can maximize the use of raw materials, improve working condition.

  • Tehnical parameters of our sheet feeder:
  1. CNC intuitive, friendly interface, easy to use
  2. Positioning accuracy: 0.1mm
  3. Max. processing sheet sizes: 1500*2500mm
  4. The thickness of the plate: Under 3.5mm(Above 3.55mm should be customized)
  5. Used to punch nominal pressure: 16-250
  6. Max. speed: 32m/min
  7. Overall dimensions: 3200mm*2100*900
  8. Weight: 1t
  • Main Features of our sheet feeder:
  1. Apply by plate blanking, circular products best, other also can save material 20%-40%.
  2. Ordinary punch, can even impact, high production efficiency.
  3. Grip scalable, avoiding the mold.
  4. Adapt to different sizes of strip material blanking.

You can check the working video of the sheet feeder on our YouTube channel, which is more clearer to see how it works