In stamping industrial, uncoiler straightener feeder, there are so-called high-speed stamping, low-speed stamping, Manufactures, however, are always wanting it can produce the product in the most efficient way. The feeding length and the SPM it’s relative, In the other words, How could you going to ask the stamping machine to go more fast, if the length is taking too much time to feed. And you also want the quality control. Yes, we still need to see the product, like “E” Type transformer sector, and the saw edge, and the smaller electric parts…., These are some products suitable to High-Speed stamping, cause the feeding length is short, Using High-speed gripper feeder can match the speed of stamping to reach 1200 SPM.

relation curve of feeding length and SPM

relation curve of feeding length and SPM

After the suitable feeder, we still need a Coil cradle and the straightener to match the High-speed gripper feeder for stamping. There are an “S” Type straightener could reach the speed at 60m/min, So fast so that the Coil can be consume,d and it will be difficult to change coils on uncoiler, In order to incracse the efficiency of changing time, we will equip double cradle uncoiler, after one side running out switch to the other side quickly, while one side of uncoiler is loading one side is feeding to the “S” type straightener.

Also If the coils are strip, the width are not so big, it can equip pallet decoiler with high speed gripper feeder, cause Most of double decoilers are used in stator and rotor lamination stamping production line. See the line drawing for a quick review

drawing of high speed coil feeding line

drawing of high speed coil feeding line, Coil feed line = uncoiler + straightener + feeder

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