I believe many people know that we are a professional 15-year feeder manufacturer. In the technology of producing the zigzag feeders, we have the scientific concept and practical spirit. Many coil feeders have reduced the costs, improved the production efficiency,reduce the advantages and benefits of the production process, but as a principle of zigzag feeder sharing and advantages, let’s see how it differs from others.

Principle of zigzag feeder

The coils is placed on a decoiler, and through the leveler, the material enters the feeder, while controlling the distance and speed at which the material advances through the material advancement conveyor, one side controls the distance and speed of material advance through the material advance conveyor,one side controls the material’s lateral translation distance through the lateral translation drive device

When the first time punching is completed on the steel strip, the zigzag feeder CNC device can drive the horizontal translation of the movable frame through the horizontal translation drive device, and then drive the plate belt with appropriate horizontal translation distance, so that the stamping die first along the transverse direction of the layout of the steel strip one by one stamping.

After the first row of stamping is completed, the horizontal translation drive device drives the movable frame and material to be shifted by an appropriate distance, after the material advancing conveyor drives the material forward for an appropriate distance, the press go the second row.

According to the size of the punching hole and the width of the steel strip, by accurately calculating the distance of each horizontal translation and or advance distance, the clearance between each punching hole formed in the steel plate strip can be minimized, so as to effectively reduce the corner waste and reduce the waste of raw materials.

Advantage of zigzag feeder

  1. Can be directly on the steel plate zigzag stamping, can be reduced the cutting process of steel strip pre-cut into long and thin strip In this way, and  reduced the waste of raw materials.
  2. It is equipped with a reciprocating movement control device, So that the hopper can cooperate with the action of the upper die of the stamping die to achieve automatic reciprocating feeding, and reduce the safety hazard and operation error caused by manual unloading operation.

The decoiler machine and the leveling machine and the zigzag feeder are arranged with a supporting plate, and the supporting plate is provided with a plurality of balls and a detecting probe, and the detecting probe can effectively control the speed of detecting the material entering speed. Then adjust the material frame uncoiling speed and the leveling machine correction speed, so that the material forward speed can be