The pallet decoiler machine, alternatively known as the Disc Feeder, Disc Load Rack, or Flat Feeder, is a remarkably innovative piece of equipment engineered for proficient horizontal feeding and uncoiling functions. Although it may occasionally be tagged a “Feeder,” its primary role isn’t to directly feed the press. Instead, this machine optimally works in tandem with other feeding equipment to establish a streamlined assembly line.

The Gold Standard in Uncoiling Operations

In the sphere of the stamping industry, the pallet decoiler machine holds the status of being the paragon, presenting an array of beneficial attributes. These include boundless uncoiling without constraints of coil inner diameter, the aptitude to manage multiple coils concurrently — thus enhancing uncoiling efficiency, and a remarkable uncoiling speed that clocks up to 30 meters per minute. The machine is most prominently employed for uncoiling thin sheets and narrow material processing in the stamping industry. But the capabilities of the pallet decoiler machine extend beyond just one variant; it spans across three diverse classes based on structural utility.

1. Inductive Pallet Decoiler Machine: An Economical Choice

The inductive pallet decoiler machine, an affordable model, embodies the control principle found in vertical heavy material racks, known as contact inductive control. The motion transmission is facilitated through steel ball friction, earmarking it as a fixed-speed material rack. This version finds extensive application in production situations where a highly refined coil surface finish isn’t a primary requirement and the coil weight leans on the lighter side (less than 500kg).

2. Electronic Pallet Decoiler Machine: The Automated Solution

The electronic pallet decoiler machine, a favorite in the industry, is a fully automated variant providing variable frequency adjustment for material racks. This model boasts a tracker and a microswitch-equipped rocker arm that deftly manages automatic speed adjustment in line with the press speed. The result is a stable and trustworthy uncoiling process that reduces the likelihood of material distortion and damage. This model can comfortably handle loads between 500kg to 3000kg, affirming its popularity in the stamping industry.

3. Double-Layer Pallet Decoiler Machine: Optimized for Double Strip Processing

The double-layer pallet decoiler machine, an inventive custom model, is tailor-made for double strip stamping processing. It’s capable of efficiently uncoiling two standing coils simultaneously. This model incorporates a Zhongzhong photoelectric switch and a frequency converter to automate variable speed uncoiling. This feature marks it as the best-suited uncoiling device for double strip production.

In sum, the pallet decoiler machine offers a comprehensive range of models each designed to meet distinct industry requirements. Its efficiency, versatility, and adaptability reaffirm its position as an invaluable asset in the stamping industry.

pallet decoiler
pallet decoiler