Punch press feeders are the ultimate facilitators, bridging the gap between punch presses and moulds to breathe life into seamless, steady stamping operations. At present, the RFS series high-speed roller feeder, the NC series servo feeder, and the GS series high-speed gripper feeder are the three frontrunners in the domestic market, each with their unique performance benefits.

RFS Series High-Speed Roller Feeders: Affordable Efficiency

Taking the lead is the RFS series high-speed roller feeder, known for its oscillating roller mechanism. This feeder is powered by an eccentric disc tied to the punch press’s output shaft, fuelling the feeder roller’s back-and-forth swing that effectively enables the feeding motion. A loosened punch rod device works concurrently, accurately dispensing raw materials during the stamping stage, assuring the best positioning for the stamping mould.

These high-speed roller feeders prove their worth in various stamping velocities, from the slower paces to the rapid, mid-to-high-speed situations. They are recognized for their economical feasibility, bringing high-quality performance at a great value.

NC Series Servo Feeders: Unsurpassed Flexibility and Precision

The NC series servo feeders thrive on a programmable PLC system that governs a servo motor-driven feed roller, harmoniously blending impressive feed function and versatility. This feeder comes with a standard setup consisting of a Mitsubishi PLC and Mitsubishi servo motor forming the electrical control system, promising wide-ranging flexibility and top-notch precision. The programmable PLC makes the possibilities for servo feeders vast, fitting an array of punch presses and other machinery like hydraulic presses, shearing machines, forming machines, and laser cutting machines, without any limitations. They are particularly adept at handling automated, intricate stamping production processes.

The dual servo feed version of the NC series shines in parallel feed stamping operations involving dual material strips. The PNC type servo feeder with bidirectional oscillation emerges as the go-to for circle punching material feed applications, widely acknowledged for its high feed step accuracy and adaptability.

GS Series High-Speed Gripper Feeders: Excellence in High-Speed Stamping

The GS series high-speed gripper feeder steps up as the premium feeding equipment for rapid thin material stamping and for delicate band materials with strict surface specifications. Its clamp-type material clamping mechanism, fueled by the linear movement of the clamp, evades the rotary rolling action on the material band typical of feed rollers. With a feeding speed that can surge to a maximum of 1200 cycles per minute, it capably synchron izes with various high-speed punch press models.

The punch press feeders we engineer are aimed at providing maximum precision for our stamping clientele, even in the midst of intricate stamping procedures. The choice of the ideal RFS series high-speed roller feeder, NC series servo feeder, or GS series high-speed gripper feeder depends on the specific raw materials used. These punch press feeders pledge years of precise and dependable performance, reinforcing their standing as a vital asset in the stamping industry.

Punch Press Feeder
Punch Press Feeder