Since the Vietnam’s factory ordered two sets of 3 ply Full Automatic Disposible Flat Face Mask Making Machine to us last week and commissioned inspectors to inspect the equipment in our factory, the equipment has arrived at the customer’s factory, the machine is loaded material and tested, and the trial production is carried out. This series of operations smoothly. The customer gave our equipment a high evaluation and feedback to us immediately.

Due to our factory is supported by the government, we focus on producing various types of mask machines.The customer of the first order only bought two sets of flat mask machines, and for the next second order, he plans to reorder 5 sets of Fully Automatic N95 Face Mask Making Machine .

On this Tuesday, the customer ordered an inspector from the inspection company to come to our factory to test the N95 mask machine. Please click on the YouTube video below to watch the test video of the day.

The day, we only tested the standard machine in our inventory. The customer has a special request, which is to specify the printed LOGO–VN 95 of the mask, as shown in the picture.