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The customer placed the order on Sunday and delivered it to the customer on Wednesday. The Vietnamese customer entrusted the inspection agency to come for inspection. After seeing the inspector’s report, they were very satisfied. The inspection passed the same day, and it was delivered to the port at midnight.

This production line is mainly used to produce 175mmX95mm earband disposable flat face masks with a production efficiency of 80-120PCS/min.

Production line composition: mask body printing machine, high-speed servo ear welding machine, mask conveyor

Main body of mask printing machine

1. 3-4 layers of fabric are available
2. Use high-strength aluminum alloy frame, light and simple
3. The cutter is precision processed with tungsten steel, and the rest is made of high-strength alloy steel, which has a long durability
4. Operation simply, production efficiency can reach 250-300PCS/min
5. It can be connected and controlled synchronously with the ear-loop welding machine

High speed servo ear-loop welding machine

1.Stable production speed up to 80-120 pcs/min
2. Servo controller which is imported from Taiwan, stable operation and high precision
3. The PLC control system adopts the band of Japanese Panasonic and has a complete photoelectric control network. For example, when the earloop is out of material or the earloop tension is too high, the system will automatically alarm and shut down to minimize waste and realize offline production.
4. High-strength anti-seismic frame, low equipment operation noise, stable production