The Ultimate Solution for High-Strength Coil Processing

When it comes to manufacturing, a full-functional high-strength coil feeding line is the key to optimizing your production efficiency. With advanced technology and innovative design, our coil feeding line offers unparalleled performance and durability for processing high-strength materials. In this article, we’ll cover the components, features, and benefits of our coil feeding line, demonstrating how it can transform your manufacturing operations.

High-Performance Decoiler

The high-performance decoiler is designed to handle coils up to 30 tons, ensuring smooth and stable unwinding. With its robust construction and hydraulic expansion capabilities, it accommodates a wide range of coil widths and thicknesses. This means you can process materials such as high-strength steel, aluminum, and stainless steel with ease.

Features of Our Decoiler

  • Hydraulic expansion for quick and easy coil loading
  • Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting durability
  • Precision tension control for consistent material feeding
hydraulic decoiler
Straightener and Leveler

Advanced Straightener and Leveler

Our advanced straightener and leveler is engineered to eliminate coil set and crossbow, delivering flat, stress-free material. Its precision rollers, made of high-quality steel, can handle materials with a thickness of up to 6mm. The leveler’s adjustable backup rolls ensure optimal leveling performance, resulting in high-quality, flat sheets that are ideal for further processing.

Benefits of Our Straightener and Leveler

  • Improved material flatness for better processing results
  • Reduced downtime due to consistent material feeding
  • Increased production capacity by handling thicker materials

High-Speed Servo Feeder

The high-speed servo feeder ensures accurate and consistent feeding of the material into the press. Its advanced control system and high-precision servo motor ensure synchronization with the press, leading to increased productivity and reduced material waste. The user-friendly touch screen interface allows for easy adjustment of feeding parameters, making it simple to adapt to different production requirements.

Key Features of Our Servo Feeder

  • High-precision feeding for improved part accuracy
  • User-friendly touch screen interface for easy operation
  • Synchronization with the press for increased productivity

Advanced Lubrication System

Our coil feeding line is equipped with an advanced lubrication system that ensures consistent and even application of lubricant on the material. This not only prolongs the lifespan of the tooling but also improves the quality of the finished parts. The system can be easily adjusted to accommodate various material types and thicknesses, making it a versatile solution for your production needs.

Advantages of Our Lubrication System

  • Extended tool life through proper lubrication
  • Improved part quality with even lubricant application
  • Adjustable settings for versatile production capabilities

Efficient Scrap Management

Our full-functional high-strength coil feeding line features an efficient scrap management system that helps you minimize waste and maintain a clean production environment. The system includes a scrap chopper and conveyor, which effectively dispose of scrap material, reducing the need for manual handling and improving overall safety.

Benefits of Our Scrap Management System

  • Reduced waste and material costs
  • Improved workplace safety and cleanliness
  • Streamlined production process for increased efficiency

Conclusion: Boost Your Production Efficiency with Our Full-Functional High-Strength Coil Feeding Line

Our full-functional high-strength coil feeding line provides a complete solution for processing high-strength materials in your manufacturing operations. With advanced components such as a high-performance decoiler, straightener and leveler, servo feeder, lubrication system, and efficient scrap management, our coil feeding line is designed to optimize your production efficiency and deliver exceptional results. Invest in our state-of-the-art coil feeding line to stay competitive and enhance your manufacturing capabilities.

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coil feeding line