Many have returned to work , and at the same time , children back to schools for new term. But the COVID-19 still threaten and can not treat it lightly . Now what we can do is to do the best to protect ourselves . The most important thing is to wear the mask in case of the spread of the virus . Then we need to pay attention to environmental health , clean hands and sterilize .

Considering the children’s Comfort of wearing disposable mask , the size need to be smaller compare to adults’ mask . Henli Machinery have both machines for children and adults . The overall dimension of the machines are same , but as the size different for children and adults , the welding mould and some component details also not the same .

Currently we have new designed 3 plys flat mask making machine . It is full automatic , include the functions of mask body blanking , nasal bridge tip inserting , ear loop welding . The machine is servo control , so it is running more stable than old types . As it is designed to compact dimension , it won’t dis-assembly much when shipping and will be very easy to install . Can equip a packing machine at the end of the mask machine to be a full production line .

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