The decoiler has the characteristics of wide applicability, large load capacity and easy operation. It is the best material loading equipment in the automatic stamping production line.

According to the actual production needs of customers, we can design powered decoilers and non-powered decoilers, double-head decoilers, or horizontal decoilers, etc. It can be said that as long as the customer has needs and needs to use decoilers, we can customize an uncoiler that suits you according to your requirements.

The customer’s demand this time is: the material is 400KG copper material and aluminum material. During the stamping process, the two materials are combined together, and then stamped together through the punching machine to complete the customer’s finished product.
After a week of technical communication, the customer recognized the research and development capabilities of our technical department and the quality control of the production department. So we ordered 1 non-standard double-group decoiler and 2 modified decoilers from us. Among them, the non-standard double-group uncoiler is a special model, in which the large material rack is used to place ordinary materials, and the small material rack is used to place copper materials for simultaneous production and use. It is required that two different materials are used for simultaneous production and use during the stamping process. I believe this batch of products will bring surprises to European customers.

This decoiler has the following features:
1. Suitable for feeding various coil materials.
2. The motor power is added to cooperate with the subsequent feeding equipment.
3. The tightness of the brake device can be adjusted, and the main shaft adopts a reinforced structure.
4. The material roll of the decoiler rotates smoothly, and the load force of the decoiler is increased.
5. Suitable for sheet metal materials.
6. Save manpower and material resources, reduce costs, and the effect is very good.