The automatic cutting line is used to cut cold-rolled steel coil, hot rolled coil, stainless steel coil, galvanized steel coil into various sizes of fixed-length sheets, suitable for stainless steel products, electrical appliances, vehicles and machinery manufacturing industries, etc..

The automatic cutting line of punching machine has the function of automatic sizing and cutting sheet, which can cut various coil materials from unwinding, leveling, slitting, and sizing cutting into different specifications of plates. Improve production efficiency, reduce costs, ensure product quality, and greatly enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Five advantages of automatic cutting line

  • One person can operate two or more cutting machine at the same time ;
  • High security performance (can reduce the accidents of workers during the process of shearing);
  • High speed production to improve production efficiency;
  • The accuracy of the feed stamping finished product can reached 0.03mm;
  • Save factory manufacturing costs and reduce human resources;

Automatic cutting line includes:

Decoiler-Leveling machine-Feeder-Cutting machine-Conveyor belt-Stacker