For novel coronavirus pneumonia, scientists have answered many questions, but there are still many unsolved problems. Current studies consistently show that the vast majority of the world’s population is still susceptible, even in areas that have been severely hit by the epidemic. World Health Organization (WHO) stressed that although the development of the COVID-19 is proceeding at a record speed, it is still necessary to learn to coexist with the virus and make full use of existing tools to fight the epidemic. People will feel the impact of the epidemic in the next decades.

“We call on young people to take precautionary measures: hand hygiene, physical distance, wear a mask, stay home if you’re feeling unwell, avoid crowded places and mass gatherings, to protect yourselves and others from COVID-19. Play it safe and help end this pandemic”- Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Please wearing the mask when there is potential risk .

Henli Machinery manufacture the mask machines for face mask , include 3 plys plane disposable mask machine and N95 type mask machine .

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