There are so many types of metal products surrounding us . Just like Household Appliance , Vehicle , Building Materials , Electrical Equipment , Tools & hardware and so on .For example , a car is assembly with lots of details , and the details are from different material . One kind of important materials is metal . The bracket , the door , the seat … Seems metal is everywhere . We use various metal to make different shapes for different use . As production require efficiency , so there is one way to achieve it . That is using a mould to make the product . The mould stamping continuously and saving time , also the products from one mould all the same .

Of course we need a punching press to load the molds . Now the mould have the power to hit the material and make parts . But we still need something to provide the source of metal material . We need the metal material flat and progressing after each hit . So we use metal coil material , and with the help of equipment to progress as our purpose . A decoiler to load the coil and rotating to uncoil it . If the coil is too heavy , use a crane is not good enough to set to coil to the decoiler . But we can use the hydraulic coil car/tray to help . The coil car can driven in and out , up and down , that is convenient for handling coil .

In metal product production , most of time will require the metal material to be flat before hitting . It is impossible to make all the coil flat by hands . That is why we need a leveler / straightener to realize it , also it is automatic and efficient . The coils not always are same width and thickness , so need to choose a right straightener according to production plan .

Coil feeders give the power for the material to progress in as what we set . The feeders include NC servo feeder , roller feeder , air feeders , etc. We should use which one ? It need to consider the production plan , the amount , the speed… NC servo is easy to set the speed and more precision , it is more easier for operator to control .

Plants have many production lines , sometime there will have room limit . In this case , we can choose the machines which combine decoiler , straightener and leveler . Henli Machinery provide various machines and solutions , service for you for each situations .