The hydraulic uncoiler is a kind of equipment that uses the hydraulic system to complete the coil tensioning and unwinding. Compared with the traditional uncoiler, it has the advantages of good expansion and contraction effect, time saving and labor saving, and good stability. It is a commonly used model for materials over 2 tons.

When a hydraulic uncoiler is commissioned to put into use, some failures will inevitably occur due to the working environment, improper operation, poor maintenance and management, natural wear and other reasons. And most of the hydraulic uncoiler failures come from improper use and maintenance.

Today, Henli will give you an analysis of a fault case where the hydraulic station of the hydraulic uncoiler is running normally, but the expansion and contraction reel is operating incorrectly.


1. First check whether the oil circuit of the hydraulic station of the uncoiler is loose or leaking oil, and whether the oil level in the hydraulic station is normal.

2. Check whether the filter and oil-water separator have reached the maintenance and replacement cycle. If it needs to be replaced, replace the oil-water separator and filter, and then check whether the fault exists.

3. Check whether the hydraulic pump is damaged or leaking oil, and whether the spring in the relief valve is broken or damaged.

4. Check the pipeline: Remove the pipeline in sections to see if there is any foreign body blockage. After clearing the blockage, check again whether the fault exists.

5. Check and clean the hydraulic oil tank for debris. If there is plastic film, paint skin, etc., clean up and restore the filter screen that has been lost at the fuel filler to prevent similar failures from happening again.

Fault summary:

1. This fault analysis and investigation mainly focuses on the normal operation of the hydraulic station, but the wrong action of the expansion and contraction reel is checked, and the oil circuit of the hydraulic station is mainly checked according to the fault alarm.

2. The customer’s refueling is not standardized, and there are many faults caused by impurities in the oil. Operators and maintenance personnel need to add qualified oil.

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