The feeding accuracy of the punch feeder in actual use is one of the important factors to judge the performance and quality of the punch feeder, and also directly determines the quality of the finished press, therefore, for the stamping customer, the feeding accuracy of the feeder is one of the core elements of the customer’s concern, However, the feed accuracy of the punch feeder is not constant, but it’s affected by many factors, the following is several main factors affecting the accuracy of the feeder.

Feeding of Steel Sheet

Feeding Equipment helps feed the coil metal naturally according to production requirements

  1. Factors in the selection of the punch feeder machine, there are many types of punch feeders, such as air feeders, roller feeders, and NC servo feeders, among which the air feeder has low precision (usually±0.08mm), and roller feeder accuracy centered (usually±0.05mm), NC servo feeder has high precision (usually±0.02mm), and different manufacturers have different machine selection, processing technology and assembly, and the precision is different.
  2. Different materials have different precisions, especially when the material surface is very smooth, the material thickness is thin, the surface is easy to damage, and the material is thinner, the precision of the tape material is easily affected, this kind of material needs to be processed by the packing PU roller for the puncher of the puncher to ensure the feeding accuracy.
  3. Feeding speed and feeding step increase will also affect the feeding accuracy, when these two increases, the feeding accuracy will drop significantly.
  4. Whether the punching die has a guiding pin and How about the positioning accuracy of guiding pin, the relaxation function of the punch feeder is to ensure the elimination of the accumulated error and ensure the stability of the feeding accuracy, if there is no guiding pin or the guiding pin positioning accuracy is not high, the feeder will have a large cumulative error after long-term use.
  5. Influence of external factors on feeding accuracy of machine:

The external influence factors on the feeding accuracy of the air feeder are the air source pressure (not too large, also not too small), and whether the O-ring is worn out (it’s necessary to regularly add lubricant to the three-point combination of the air feeder, for the damaged O The ring can be replaced), the relaxed time of feeder (the stamping process needs to be matched with the punch),the speed adjusting screw is out of alignment, and the feeding step is too long.

The external influence factors on the feeding accuracy of the roller feeder are the pressing force of the pressing spring (need to be just suitable, not too loose or too tight), the material itself problem (bending, uneven, burrs of the material), and the brake device has oil (Causes the feeding to be reversed), the cross joint is too loose or worn, the relaxation time is incorrect, the material thickness is not adjusted correctly, etc.

The external factors affecting the feeding accuracy of the NC servo feeder are the air supply pressure (not too large, also not too small), the compression force of the pressure spring (need to be just appropriate, not too loose or too tight), the material itself problem(bending, uneven, burrs of the material),Selection of servo motor and other electronic control elements (my company Henli is equipped with Yukawa servo motor with Siemens PLC), feeding time adjustment, and adjustment of relaxation time.

There are some factors affecting feeder accuracy above, when you meet the problem feeding accuracy in the future, you also know how to solve it well.