Recently, a valued client from Poland procured three sets of our state-of-the-art 3 in 1 press feeding machines, along with three dual-sided oiling machines, and three coiling machines. Following a thorough factory examination, these innovative devices were dispatched successfully.

Over recent years, Henli has been actively pioneering the global arena for punch press automation equipment. With a dedicated presence in international expositions and partnerships with international trade merchants, we have been able to build a robust business system. This spans from innovative technology research and development, through production and sales, to robust after-sales service, amassing a sizable overseas clientele.

As we ushered in May, our foreign trade team had the privilege of consulting with a Polish client. Their requirement was clear: they needed three sets of rack layer punching and coiling equipment to cater to high-tonnage punch presses. The intention was for uncoiling, leveling, feeding, and coiling the final punched material. Our expert team, after careful consideration of the material’s specifications such as width, thickness, weight, and punching accuracy, recommended our Model 800 3 in 1 press feeding machine, and hydraulic uncoiling machine. We further provided a detailed 3D scheme for the rack layer punching and coiling process.

The following phase entailed in-depth deliberation over the technical specifics, details, electrical components, voltage, touchscreen settings, and equipment painting pertinent to the 3 in 1 press feeding machine. This led to several video conference sessions for price negotiation, resulting in a successful contract for three sets of our premium machines.

The subsequent month was characterized by intense production activity, leading to the successful assembly of the three sets of rack layer punching automation equipment. Comprehensive factory tests were conducted, with our technical department meticulously simulating the Polish client’s punching environment and requirements. This ensured that the machine’s technical parameters and performance were in line with the client’s specifications.

To give our Polish client complete confidence in their purchase, a video conference was held for equipment inspection. We showcased each function component and operational detail of the 3 in 1 press feeding machine via touchscreen, verifying that the processes and operations were in conformity with the client’s requirements.

A thorough factory inspection and test was conducted, replicating the client’s test environment to ensure the highest quality. Once satisfied, the equipment was cleared for dispatch.

As our 3 in 1 press feeding machine gains traction in overseas markets, our foreign trade department and technical department are in constant sync to continuously update and upgrade the automation equipment. By modifying models and designing and producing export model equipment, we ensure we meet the diverse punching production needs of clients worldwide. We take pride in tailoring every piece of punch press automation equipment to our overseas clients’ local voltage, operational habits, and electrical control requirements, a gesture that has earned us accolades from numerous satisfied clients worldwide.

press feeding machine
press feeding machine