As an essential component in automated stamping processes, punch press feeders play a pivotal role in maintaining product quality. However, over time, these feeders may experience malfunctions, such as scratching materials, leading to a host of problems including defective products and mold damage. To address these issues, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to different types of feeders.

Troubleshooting Material Scratching in Air Automatic Feeders

  1. Removing foreign objects: When debris or foreign objects are the cause of scratches, stop the machine and inspect the fixed and moving clamps of the air automatic feeder. Clean these parts thoroughly to resolve the problem.
  2. Protecting thin materials: If the material is thin and prone to scratches (commonly seen with copper and aluminum), apply a protective film to the material support frame, fixed clamp, and moving clamp of the air automatic feeder.

Resolving Scratched Materials in Roller Feeders

  1. Adjusting material thickness and pressure: If improper material thickness adjustment or excessive compression force from the pressure spring causes deformation and scratches, stop the machine, and confirm the roller feeder’s material thickness is set correctly. Inspect and adjust the pressure spring’s compression force as needed.
  2. Cleaning the feeding roller: Remove any foreign objects on the feeding roller by wiping and cleaning it, preventing further material scratches.

Addressing Scratched Materials in NC Servo Feeders

  1. Regulating cylinder pressure: Excessive cylinder pressure can damage materials. To fix this issue, adjust the cylinder pressure of the NC servo feeder according to the material thickness (using the pressure adjustment handle on the three-point combination). For thinner materials, reduce the cylinder pressure of the three-point combination.
  2. Cleaning the feeding roller: Eliminate any foreign objects on the feeding roller by wiping and cleaning the NC servo feeder’s feeding roller.

Safety Precautions and Further Assistance

It is crucial to stop the machine and feeder before attempting to resolve material scratching issues. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. By following these expert tips and solutions, you can ensure the smooth functioning of your punch press feeders and maintain the highest product quality standards.

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