Stamping automation is a marvel of modern manufacturing, streamlining processes and boosting productivity. However, it comes with its challenges, notably the frictional resistance between materials and molds, which can lead to wear and tear over time. To combat this, lubrication becomes paramount in maintaining efficiency and quality. Enter the double-sided oiling machine, a specialized solution designed to address these concerns and optimize production performance.

Maximizing Mold Lifespan

The core challenge in stamping automation lies in managing the temperature generated by friction during operation. This heat accelerates mold wear and compromises the quality of stamped products. The application of lubricating grease serves as a protective barrier, reducing temperatures and extending the lifespan of molds.

Innovative Design for Optimal Lubrication

At the heart of the double-sided oiling machine is its innovative design, meticulously crafted to ensure efficient lubrication and temperature control. Comprising a bottom plate, side plates, top plate, reliable quality drum, and second drum, this machine delivers consistent results even under demanding conditions.

Precise Lubricant Distribution

During operation, lubricating grease is filtered and purified before being evenly distributed onto the workpiece surface. The machine’s intricate system ensures uniform coating, regardless of orientation or tilt, guaranteeing optimal lubrication for every part of the process.

Customizable Oil Flow Management

One of the machine’s standout features is its ability to adjust oil flow according to specific requirements. By fine-tuning the oil volume adjustment switch and trial drain holes, operators can precisely control lubricant distribution, eliminating issues of uneven coating and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Versatile Application

The double-sided oiling machine proves its versatility across various processing situations. Whether it’s maintaining stability during standard operations or adapting to tilted positions for specialized tasks, this machine delivers consistent and high-quality results every time.


In the realm of stamping automation, where precision and efficiency are paramount, the double-sided oiling machine stands as a beacon of innovation. With its ability to mitigate frictional resistance, extend mold lifespan, and ensure uniform lubricant distribution, it’s an indispensable tool for modern manufacturing. As industries continue to evolve, investing in advanced solutions like the double-sided oiling machine becomes not just a choice but a necessity for staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

Double-Sided Oiling Machine
Double-Sided Oiling Machine