In the realm of material handling, the decoiler plays a pivotal role, not only in handling rigid materials but also in the coiling of soft materials. Soft materials possess unique characteristics that demand precise attention, and the traditional methods often fall short. This article delves into the world of specialized decoilers designed to optimize the handling of soft materials, highlighting their distinctive advantages.

Meeting the Challenges of Soft Material Coiling

Soft materials are known for their pliability and susceptibility to adhesive impedance, which necessitates specialized handling. Typically, these materials come equipped with material tension guidance devices. These devices are under the watchful eye of operators, responsible for overseeing the tension-guided material handling process.

However, relying solely on manual operator control has its drawbacks. Material misalignment, caused by excessive slackness or tightness, often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. This leads to increased material losses during decoiling and escalates manufacturing costs. Additionally, for high-precision coiling products, stringent tolerance requirements for tension during material handling further complicate matters.

The Specialized Decoiler Solution

To address these challenges, a specialized decoiler has been meticulously crafted for soft material coiling. It stands out with four key performance advantages over traditional decoilers:

1. Innovative Material Guiding Device

The customized decoiler introduces an ingenious fold-shaped material guiding device design. By transitioning the adhesive peeling area of the coiled material output end closer to a linear, small-area configuration, it ensures that material tension-guided handling remains smooth. This minimizes the likelihood of adhesive sticking and pulling, resulting in significantly improved operational efficiency and product quality.

2. Over-Tightening Sensing Braking

Equipped with an over-tightening sensing braking module, this specialized decoiler automatically detects when the material’s tension-guided state becomes excessively tight and fast. It swiftly adjusts the speed of the decoiler drive rollers to alleviate the material’s tense state. This prevents internal contraction deformation due to excessive tension during decoiling, ensuring precise handling within a minimal margin of error, especially crucial for high-precision products.

3. Automated Monitoring

The over-tightening sensing braking module in the customized decoiler eliminates the need for manual monitoring costs. It effectively prevents the occurrence of defects, promoting better industrial utility by ensuring a consistent and precise material handling process.

4. Anti-Tangling Sensing Braking

Incorporating an anti-tangling sensing braking module, the customized decoiler reacts when the material’s tension-guided state becomes excessively slow. It automatically senses and either stops or slows down the decoiler drive rollers to promptly readjust the material’s tension-guided handling. This proactive approach ensures the prevention of material tangling during decoiling, further enhancing operational efficiency.


The specialized decoiler for soft material coiling is a game-changer in the realm of material handling. With its innovative features and automated systems, it ensures smooth, efficient, and precise handling of soft materials. By eliminating the reliance on manual monitoring, it reduces defects, lowers manufacturing costs, and meets the exacting demands of high-precision products. Embrace the future of material handling with the specialized decoiler and revolutionize your production processes.