The thick plate uncoiling and straightening machine, alternatively referred to as the thick plate two-in-one leveling machine or the thick plate uncoiling and leveling machine, stands out as a pivotal solution in metal processing, particularly for coil materials with a thickness ranging from 1.0 to 6.0mm. Its streamlined design offers numerous advantages over conventional methods, including a smaller footprint, simplified operation, heightened stability, and superior leveling precision.

Streamlined Structure for Optimal Performance

The architecture of the thick plate uncoiling and straightening machine is ingeniously crafted to optimize functionality. Key components include a robust frame, a decoiler for material loading, pneumatic stopper and pressure arms for precise positioning, a guiding mechanism for seamless material feeding, a correction system for accurate alignment, and a centralized control cabinet for seamless operation.

Seamless Operation in Four Steps

The practical operation of the thick plate uncoiling and straightening machine unfolds in a systematic manner, ensuring efficiency at every stage:

  1. Material Loading and Expansion: Begin by loading the coil material onto the hydraulic loading table and expanding it using the hydraulic expansion feature of the decoiler. Employ the stopper device to constrain the axial position of the material, while the pneumatic pressure arm secures precise positioning.
  2. Initiating Uncoiling: Activate the decoiler through the control cabinet to commence the uncoiling process. As the decoiler rotates, the leading end of the strip seamlessly enters the correction device via the guiding system.
  3. Precision Leveling: Drive the lower feeding roller with high-quality wheels, featuring spiral grooves on both upper and lower rollers to ensure consistent strip feeding. The upper and lower leveling rollers work in tandem to eliminate strip bending and stress, thereby enhancing the quality of subsequent processes.
  4. Automated Output: As the strip exits through the lower and upper output rollers, guided by dedicated output plates, it proceeds to the subsequent feeding station. Simultaneously, the photoelectric sensing device regulates feeding speed, enabling seamless automation.


In the realm of metal processing, efficiency and precision are paramount. The thick plate uncoiling and straightening machine emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a seamless solution for handling coil materials with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. With its compact design and advanced features, it not only streamlines operations but also elevates the overall quality of metal processing endeavors.

Uncoiling and Straightening Machine
Uncoiling and Straightening Machine