In the realm of metal processing, efficiency and precision are paramount. Meet the bifold heavy plate uncoiler and leveler, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates material rack and leveling processes. This powerhouse utilizes pneumatic tensioning for material feeding, synchronous upper and lower drives for leveling drums, and boasts structural features that set it apart in the industry.

Unveiling the Material Rack Section

Hydraulic Precision for Safe Material Handling

The main shaft of this innovative system employs hydraulic expansion for material feeding and uncoiling, ensuring not only efficiency but also top-tier safety standards. With this hydraulic mechanism, the risk of mishandling is minimized, providing a secure environment for heavy plate materials.

Unidirectional Clutch: Coil Security Reinvented

Equipped with a power press arm featuring a unidirectional clutch, this heavy plate uncoiler prevents coil loosening and material rebound. Tightening the material securely, it adds an extra layer of safety to the process, contributing to a smooth and controlled workflow.

Streamlined Material Flow

A well-designed material pulling device ensures that the released coil material travels to the top of the coil’s journey, guaranteeing a consistent and steady supply for the subsequent leveling process. This meticulous attention to material flow enhances the overall efficiency of the metal processing operation.

Precision Control with Power-Free Press Arm

The power-free press arm takes center stage in controlling the material’s curvature for seamless feeding. This component ensures that the material advances smoothly through the system, eliminating potential disruptions and improving the overall precision of the metal processing operation.

Dual Material Stop Arms for Perfect Alignment

To further enhance precision, the bifold heavy plate uncoiler and leveler are equipped with dual material stop arms. These arms, individually controlled by handwheels, guarantee precise material alignment. This meticulous control ensures that the material is positioned accurately for the subsequent stages of processing.

Dive into the Leveling Section

High-Strength Entry Drums for Durability

The leveling section features two entry drums crafted from high-strength rolling bearing steel. These drums undergo a rigorous process, including high-temperature quenching, hard chrome plating, and precision grinding, ensuring unparalleled durability, steel hardness, and wear resistance.

Precision Leveled with Nine Drums

Nine leveling drums, comprising four upper and five lower drums, are manufactured from high-strength rolling bearing steel (GCr15). After quenching and tempering treatment, these drums undergo hard chrome plating, reaching an impressive hardness of HRC60~62 with precision down to 0.01mm. The large modulus gear synchronous drive ensures substantial leveling force without any friction or risk of scratching the material surface.

Adjustable Upper Leveling Drum Pressure

Fine-tuning the downward pressure of the upper leveling drum is made possible by four Archimedean spiral worm gears and screws. This ensures high self-locking and adjustment precision, contributing to the overall accuracy of the metal processing operation.

Pneumatic Tensioning for Efficient Material Feeding

The entry drum employs a pneumatic tensioning device, generating ample traction to feed material to the leveling drums in synchronous rotation. This mechanism ensures a smooth and efficient material flow, enhancing the overall productivity of the metal processing system.

Entry Leveling Device for Seamless Feeding

At the front end of the entry drum, an entry leveling device with three rollers (one upper, two lower) ensures seamless feeding. The movable upper roller, driven by a cylinder, assists in placing the material head into the leveling machine before the actual feeding process begins.

High-Power Leveling Motor for Optimal Performance

The heart of the leveling section lies in the high-power (5-10HP) three-phase motor, coupled with a high-torque worm gear reducer. Power transmission through sprockets and chains ensures a significant leveling force, with motor speed meticulously controlled by a high-performance variable frequency drive. This setup guarantees not only convenience but also reliable and efficient operation.

In conclusion, the bifold heavy plate uncoiler and leveler stand as a testament to technological excellence in metal processing. Its seamless integration of material rack and leveling processes, coupled with precision-driven features, make it a frontrunner in the industry. Elevate your metal processing efficiency with this advanced solution that sets a new standard in heavy plate material handling and leveling.

Heavy Plate Uncoiler and Leveler
Heavy Plate Uncoiler and Leveler