In the realm of daily life, precision metal stamping components play a pivotal role, offering diverse applications. To ensure their extended functionality, judicious usage is crucial to prevent any potential damage.

Aligning with Standards: Choosing the Right Hardware Components

Selecting the appropriate model, specifications, and functionality for hardware components is paramount. It is imperative that these choices align with national standards and relevant delineations. Moreover, compatibility with chosen plastic-steel doors and windows is essential. Affixing hardware pieces requires the use of fastening screws with an embedded metal lining plate. The thickness of this plate should exceed at least twice the pitch of the fastening device. Notably, fastening on plastic profiles is prohibited, and the use of non-metallic linings is strictly impermissible.

Post-Installation Care: Mitigating Rust-Induced Corrosion

After installation, meticulous attention to maintenance becomes indispensable to thwart rust-induced corrosion. Metal-origin hardware components should be the final elements installed. Door and window locks, handles, and similar components should be assembled only after the window or door leaf is securely fitted into the frame, ensuring precise positioning for seamless operation. For sliding windows wider than 1 meter or windows and doors with double-glazed panels, the recommendation is dual pulleys. Alternatively, articulated pulleys may be opted for. Hinges and hinge supports should steer clear of aluminum alloy materials and instead favor stainless steel for durability.

Operational Guidelines: Ensuring Longevity through Gentle Use

During routine use, it is advised to handle closure and opening with gentleness to prevent forceful actions that may lead to impairment. The introduction of nylon rollers has revolutionized sliding operations, eliminating noise while enhancing smoothness and lightness. The service life of nylon rollers surpasses that of various other pulley types. Optimal functioning and stability of doors and windows hinge on the selection of high-quality rollers. Inferiorly processed rollers exhibit coarse workmanship, lack smoothness, and impede flexible movement, being both small and lightweight.


Precision Metal Stamping Components
Precision Metal Stamping Components