In the realm of high-speed stamping, efficiency and uninterrupted production are paramount. Enter the double head decoiler, a powerful and innovative solution that outshines traditional vertical uncoilers. This article delves into the world of the double head decoiler, exploring its advantages, structure, and applications in the realm of high-speed stamping.

Advantages of the Double Head Decoiler

The double head decoiler, also known as the twin decoiler, offers a significant advantage over its single-drum counterparts. While most vertical decoilers necessitate production line stoppage for coil replacement, the double head decoiler utilizes a symmetrical arrangement of twin coil drums for fast and uninterrupted uncoiling. This unique setup allows for higher uncoiling speeds and eliminates downtime for coil changes. As a result, it becomes an ideal choice for high-speed stamping applications that involve medium to thick sheets.

Introducing the Large-Powered Double Head Decoiler

Taking the double head decoiler to the next level, we have the large-powered variant. The large-powered double head decoiler incorporates several additional features that further enhance its capabilities. These features include a material pressing arm, material supporting arm, and hydraulic expansion system. These upgrades enable rapid uncoiling of thick sheets and large coils, making it particularly useful in high-speed stamping production involving materials like thick aluminum plates and silicon steel sheets.

Structure of the Large-Powered Double Head Decoiler

The large-powered double head decoiler boasts a robust and efficient structure. Let’s explore its key components:

  1. Motor and Transmission Device: The machine is equipped with two driving motors positioned on top, connected to the transmission device, ensuring smooth power delivery.
  2. Expandable and Retractable Coil Drums: Symmetrically arranged on either side of the rotating mechanism, these twin coil drums consist of fan-shaped material support blocks, drum shafts, sliders, pull rods, expandable cylinders, and high-speed rotary joints.
  3. Material Pressing Arm: This essential component prevents the coil from scattering during the uncoiling process, ensuring orderly operations.
  4. Material Supporting Arm: Assisting in uncoiling and feeding the material to the leveling machine, the material supporting arm plays a crucial role in maintaining a steady workflow.
  5. Hydraulic Station: Fixed beside the machine frame, the hydraulic station provides the necessary power for the expansion and retraction mechanism, ensuring precise and controlled movements.
  6. Clutch Pedal: The clutch pedal device comes into play when shifting from one coil to the other. Depressing it allows for smooth rotation of the mechanism, seamlessly transitioning between coils.
  7. Quick-Change Structure (Type A): An additional feature in the large-powered double head decoiler, the Type A quick-change structure facilitates easy and precise coil positioning, streamlining the coil replacement process.

Operating the Large-Powered Double Head Decoiler

When put into action, the large-powered double head decoiler relies on hydraulic expansion to tension the coil, ensuring stability throughout the uncoiling process. The Type A quick-change structure further aids in positioning the coil accurately. The coordinated efforts of the material pressing arm and material supporting arm guarantee a smooth and controlled uncoiling experience.

As the coil on one end of the working position depletes, the clutch pedal device is engaged, initiating the rotation of the mechanism. Manual repositioning then brings the other end, with the spare coil, into the working position. Simultaneously, the empty coil end is moved to the other side, preparing it for reloading. This seamless process allows for uninterrupted high-speed stamping production, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

In conclusion, the double head decoiler, with its unique twin coil drum arrangement, offers remarkable advantages over traditional uncoilers. The large-powered double head decoiler takes these benefits even further, catering to the needs of high-speed stamping with thick sheets and large coils. Its robust structure and efficient operation make it an indispensable asset in modern stamping production, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted workflows. Embrace the power of the double head decoiler to elevate your high-speed stamping processes to new heights.

double head decoiler
double head decoiler