Routine Care for Optimal Performance:

Bearing Bliss and Fluid Flow:

To ensure peak performance and extend the operational life of your 3 in 1 decoiler straightener feeder, vital for heightened production efficiency, adhere to these regular checks:

a. Lubrication Luxury: Apply lubrication to the bearings at the drum, coupled with a gear oil replacement.

b. Fluid Vigilance: Activate the water filtration switch regularly to expel water, preventing corrosion in the feeding machine.

Comprehensive Maintenance Examination:

A. Reliable Relay Review: Bolster the reliability of your system by verifying the proper functioning of relays.

B. Drum Debris Detox: Ensure the removal of debris residing between the drums.

C. Gear Assembly Guardian: Scrutinize the gear assembly for any lurking foreign objects.

D. Pneumatic Pressure Check: Inspect if the pneumatic pressure aligns with the specified range.

E. Leakage Lookout: Inspect air pipes for any signs of leakage.

F. Structural Screw Scrutiny: Assess the tightness of screws and nuts in the leveling feeder head structure.

G. Roller Realignment Review: Examine the parallelism of the feeding rollers.

H. Component Checkup: Inspect all components for damage, deformation, or abnormal sounds.

I. Panel Precision Probe: Evaluate switches and indicators on the operational panel for any anomalies.

Regular Checkpoints:

Undertake maintenance every six months or after 1000 hours of operation, while also performing routine checks:

A. Wiring Wellness Watch: Inspect external wiring for deformities, damage, electrical leakage, or short circuits.

B. Switch Scrutiny: Check switches on the control panel, ensuring button contacts are intact, free from oil residue, and in good condition.

C. Cam Switch Calibration: Examine the tension cam switch for proper rotation and operation, checking for oil residue and friction points.

D. Relay Contact Review: Ensure all relay contacts within the control panel are in good condition.

E. Hose Health Check: Verify the condition of rubber hoses connected to the hydraulic pressure machine.

F. System Shielding Strategy: Safeguard the NC servo system from dust and corrosive substances, maintaining an appropriate ambient temperature.

Mastering Your 3 in 1 Decoiler Straightener Feeder: Pro Tips

Essential Material Handling:

Pressing Perfection with Material Pressing Arm:

After placing material on the uncoiler, firmly engage the material pressing arm in automatic pressure mode. Ensure the automatic pressure-holding function before removing material packaging straps to prevent spillage. Also, effectively control the material support arm.

Touch Control Tactics for Arms:

The feeding and material pressing arms find their command within the touchscreen interface. Mastery of their operational procedures is paramount for ensuring smooth material entry into the machine head.

Navigating the Sections:

Leveling Wisdom:

When handling thicker materials and substantial widths, elevate air pressure to optimize leveling effectiveness.

Uncoiling Precision:

During material loading, align the material’s centerline with the frame and mold centerlines to avert misalignment issues.

3 in 1 Decoiler Straightener Feeder
3 in 1 Decoiler Straightener Feeder