When it comes to processing thick plates and high-tensile materials using the 3 in 1 coil feed line, several challenges arise. Despite having material-pushing arms, supporting arms, material-guiding arms, and a flattening feeding head device to automatically feed the material head, the substantial thickness and high tension of these special plates can make it difficult for the material head to enter the leveling and feeding rollers in a stable and reliable manner. This forceful feeding often leads to the material head being inserted diagonally between the leveling rollers, causing damage. Moreover, the process of dealing with the remaining material end during a coil change can become a significant problem.

The Manual Shearing Predicament

Traditionally, the common approach to address these issues in the 3 in 1 coil feed line is through manual shearing of the leading edge of the unwound coil and the trailing end during recoiling. However, with materials of significant thickness, width, and high tension, manual shearing becomes challenging, time-consuming, and often requires multiple people to assist in completing the task. Additionally, the sheared material head and tail tend to rebound, posing potential safety hazards.

Introducing the Hydraulic Cutting Device

To fundamentally resolve the challenges of cutting the material head and tail in the 3 in 1 coil feed line when processing thick plates and high-tensile materials, we have developed a specialized hydraulic cutting device as an optional component. This innovative device allows for quick and precise shearing of irregular material edges, enabling both stamping feeding and material coil recycling to be fully automated.

Components of the Hydraulic Cutting Device

The 3 in 1 coil feed line hydraulic cutting device comprises the following components:

  1. Cutting Frame: The sturdy frame that holds all the components together.
  2. Lower Blade Holder and Lower Cutting Blade: The lower blade holder is fixed on the cutting frame and forms a single unit with the lower cutting blade.
  3. Guide Rod and Sliding Seat: The guide rod is mounted on the cutting frame, and the sliding seat can smoothly slide along it.
  4. Upper Blade Holder and Upper Cutting Blade: The upper blade holder is installed on the sliding seat using limit rods, and the upper cutting blade is mounted on it.
  5. Cutting Hydraulic Cylinder: This cylinder is fixed to the cutting frame and facilitates the up-and-down movement of the sliding seat.
  6. Reset Springs: Placed between the limit rods, these springs provide the resetting function and act as buffers, ensuring the protection, safety, and ease of operation of the cutting device.

Efficient Cutting Process

The material plate can be driven downward by the cutting hydraulic cylinder, which, in turn, moves the upper blade holder and the upper cutting blade downward. This coordinated movement enables the precise shearing of the material strip, working in conjunction with the lower cutting blade. The presence of reset springs prevents the upper and lower cutting blades from exerting excessive force during the action, further enhancing safety and ensuring smooth operation.

Benefits of the Hydraulic Cutting Device

The integration of the hydraulic cutting device into the 3 in 1 coil feed line brings forth numerous benefits:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: With automated shearing, the processing time is significantly reduced, leading to improved overall efficiency in the production line.
  2. Precision and Accuracy: The hydraulic cutting device ensures precise shearing of irregular material edges, minimizing material wastage and maximizing productivity.
  3. Safety Measures: The presence of reset springs prevents excessive force, reducing the likelihood of accidents and promoting a safer work environment.
  4. Reduced Labor Dependency: By automating the shearing process, the need for multiple manual interventions is eliminated, reducing labor requirements and operational costs.
  5. Seamless Coil Replacement: With automated shearing, the coil replacement process becomes smoother, minimizing downtime and maximizing output.


Incorporating the specialized hydraulic cutting device into the 3 in 1 coil feed line proves to be a game-changer for processing thick plates and high-tensile materials. It addresses the challenges posed by manual shearing, enhances efficiency, and promotes a safer and more productive working environment. Embrace this cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in the competitive manufacturing landscape.

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