Coil uncoiling is a critical process in material processing lines, ensuring seamless feeding for production operations. Traditional decoilers, though effective, often face challenges, especially when dealing with wide sheet materials. The sagging of materials between the decoiler and the feeding machine can lead to surface wear and disrupt subsequent processing stages. Addressing this issue is paramount for optimizing production efficiency.

Introducing Ground Induction Technology for Decoilers

To overcome the limitations of conventional decoilers, we have developed a groundbreaking solution – the ground induction device for large hydraulic heavy-duty decoilers. This innovative technology is strategically placed at the discharge port of the decoiler, revolutionizing the uncoiling process.

Preventing Sagging with Innovative Design

At the core of our ground induction device is a movable slide rail featuring a buffer belt and clamping pieces. Rubber strips are meticulously arranged on the outer surface of the buffer belt. This design ensures that when materials sag, they make contact with the rubber strips instead of directly touching the ground, significantly reducing the risk of surface damage.

Efficient Operation for Seamless Production

Equipping a large hydraulic heavy-duty decoiler with our ground induction device guarantees smooth operation. The coil is securely inserted into the expanding and contracting mandrel of the decoiler before being fed into subsequent processing machines. The ground induction device, strategically positioned in the waiting area, prevents slipping and ensures consistent feeding.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

Our hydraulic heavy-duty decoiler boasts a range of advanced features for enhanced functionality. The rotating cylinder, driven by hydraulic power, ensures precise control over the uncoiling process. The frequency conversion speed regulating mechanism allows for adjustable speed, catering to diverse production requirements. Additionally, the integrated shock absorber minimizes noise, creating a quieter working environment.

Extended Durability for Long-Term Benefits

The longevity of our hydraulic heavy-duty decoiler is further enhanced by its cooling device, which effectively dissipates heat and extends the lifespan of the equipment. With its user-friendly design, simple operation, and robust construction, our ground induction technology sets a new standard for coil uncoiling equipment.


In conclusion, the ground induction device for large hydraulic heavy-duty decoilers represents a significant advancement in coil uncoiling technology. By addressing the challenges associated with sagging materials, this innovative solution ensures efficient and reliable operation, ultimately optimizing production processes and enhancing overall productivity.