Industrial processes demand precision, reliability, and efficiency, and when it comes to material feeding, the choice of equipment plays a critical role. In this regard, the Servo Feeder stands out as a superior option compared to traditional roller feeders and air feeders. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of the Servo Feeder, powered by its cutting-edge control system.

Advanced Control System for Unmatched Performance

The backbone of the Servo Feeder lies in its sophisticated control system comprising a Mitsubishi PLC, a Yaskawa servo system, and a Weinview touchscreen. This amalgamation of advanced technologies ensures unparalleled performance, offering:

1. Enhanced Precision:

  • The Mitsubishi PLC, serving as the core component, contributes to system stability and resilience against interference.
  • With high-speed pulse output functionality, precise control of servo drive operation is achieved, facilitating accurate feeding length determination.

2. Stability and Reliability:

  • The Yaskawa servo system enables precise positioning of mechanical movements, ensuring stable and consistent operation.
  • Leveraging the PLC’s capabilities, the Servo Feeder boasts resilience to external disruptions, guaranteeing uninterrupted workflow.

3. Operational Convenience:

  • The intuitive Weinview touchscreen interface simplifies on-site operations by providing easy parameter display and modification.
  • Manual and automatic operation modes offer flexibility, catering to diverse industrial requirements.

Operational Modes Demystified

In manual mode, operators have control over the servo motor’s rotation direction, allowing both forward and reverse movements. Conversely, automatic mode restricts the servo motor to rotate only in the forward direction, streamlining automated processes.

Insight into Servo Feeder PLC Program

Key aspects of the Servo Feeder PLC program are elucidated to provide a comprehensive understanding of its functionality:

1. Length Calculation:

  • The PLC program converts the set length into pulse count, ensuring precise material feeding.
  • Utilizing floating-point arithmetic, accurate pulse count calculation is facilitated, enhancing operational accuracy.

2. Actual Length Display:

  • Real-time information on feeding length is displayed on the touchscreen, offering operators insights into ongoing processes.
  • Conversion from pulse count to actual length ensures accurate monitoring and control.

3. Speed Adjustment:

  • Adapting to varying workpiece requirements, the Servo Feeder adjusts feeding speed accordingly.
  • Pulse frequency conversion enables seamless transition between different feeding speeds, optimizing efficiency.

Unlocking Efficiency with Servo Feeders

In conclusion, the Servo Feeder emerges as a game-changer in industrial material feeding, offering unmatched precision, reliability, and operational convenience. With its advanced control system and versatile operation modes, it’s poised to revolutionize your industrial processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency like never before.

Servo Feeder
Servo Feeder