Unlocking the Potential of Heavy-Duty Decoilers for Various Applications

Heavy-duty decoilers serve as indispensable tools across multiple industries, catering to diverse needs ranging from uncoiling thin sheet coils to handling medium-thick plates of 2.0mm and above with automated precision. However, conventional heavy-duty decoilers encounter challenges, especially when tasked with uncoiling medium-thick plates, often leading to issues such as slipping and material scattering.

Innovative Solution: Introducing the Pressure Arm for Heavy-Duty Decoilers

In our pursuit of optimizing coil uncoiling processes, we’ve engineered a groundbreaking solution – the pressure arm. Designed as an optional add-on for heavy-duty decoilers, this innovative device revolutionizes the uncoiling experience, mitigating slipping and material scattering effectively.

Unveiling the Mechanism Behind the Pressure Arm

The pressure arm, a meticulously crafted accessory, seamlessly integrates into the heavy-duty decoiler’s framework, offering dynamic functionality to enhance performance. At its core lies a cylinder-driven structure, meticulously engineered to maintain consistent pressure on the outer wall of the coil material throughout the uncoiling process.

Unmatched Precision and Stability

Crafted with precision, the pressure arm comprises essential components, including a bracket, driving cylinder, and strategically positioned pressure rollers along the coil material’s periphery. This configuration ensures optimal contact between the pressure roller and the outer wall of the coil material, thereby eliminating swinging motions and guaranteeing unparalleled stability during operation.

Elevating Efficiency in Coil Uncoiling

The integration of the pressure arm into heavy-duty decoilers heralds a new era of efficiency and productivity. By exerting controlled force on the coil material’s outer wall, the pressure arm significantly enhances friction between the expanding and contracting coil drum’s outer surface and the coil material’s inner wall. Consequently, the risk of slipping on the hollow shaft is mitigated, leading to substantial improvements in production efficiency.

Seamless Integration into Operational Workflow

Operating in synergy with the heavy-duty decoiler, the pressure arm seamlessly facilitates the uncoiling process. As the extendable rod, controlled by the cylinder, moves towards the coil material, the pressure roller applies optimal pressure on the outer wall. Subsequently, the heavy-duty decoiler initiates rotation, propelling the uncoiling process forward with precision and stability.

Adaptive Performance for Varied Coil Thicknesses

Recognizing the dynamic nature of coil materials, the pressure arm adapts effortlessly to varying thicknesses. Through meticulous adjustments facilitated by the cylinder, the extendable rod maintains optimal pressure on the outer wall, ensuring stability and consistency throughout the uncoiling operation.


Incorporating the pressure arm into heavy-duty decoilers represents a paradigm shift in coil uncoiling technology. By addressing inherent challenges such as slipping and material scattering, this innovative solution empowers industries to elevate efficiency, streamline operations, and unlock new levels of productivity. Embrace the future of coil uncoiling with the pressure arm – your gateway to seamless and efficient operations.