The UL series uncoiling and straightening machine, an amalgamation of MT decoiler and TL half-cut material straightening machine, has been meticulously redesigned and optimized to elevate production efficiency while ensuring longevity, minimal maintenance, and reduced failure rates. Crafted with premium cast steel components and a sturdy integral steel frame structure, this machine stands out for its impeccable performance. Offering stepless speed regulation through a frequency converter, unpowered decoiler, high-sensitivity disc brake system, and precise feeding and straightening mechanisms, it guarantees a robust structure, seamless operation, compact footprint, and customizable speed, positioning itself as a versatile two-in-one straightening solution.

Radial Straightening Capabilities

Facilitating a radial straightening effect for coil materials, the UL series uncoiling and straightening machine accommodates a maximum straightening thickness of 3mm for large materials and 0.5mm for smaller ones. For standard A3 material with a 3mm thickness, it allows a maximum straightening width of 200mm, which decreases proportionally with material widening.

Operational Guidelines

  1. Power Supply Compatibility: Ensure the machine is connected to an AC three-phase 380V power supply matching its requirements, with no issues such as missing phases or poor contacts to prevent equipment damage. For self-generating factories, install voltage stabilizing protection devices to mitigate damage risks from high voltage.
  2. Feeding Direction Check: Before powering on, verify the correct feeding direction.
  3. Loading Coil Materials: Adjust the material uncoiling handle counterclockwise to decrease the material support plate diameter below the coil inner diameter. Load the coil material and adjust the handle clockwise to expand the support plate, securely gripping the material inner diameter. Place the A-type iron on top without overly tightening or loosening the grip.
  4. Power On and Material Feeding: Activate the power switch, set a slow speed, release the feeding handle, and open the release rod to smoothly feed the material into the straightening machine head towards the discharge wheel. Adjust feeding and discharge handles, straightening handle, and material stop wheel to optimal settings ensuring smooth operation.
  5. Feeder Integration: Adjust the distance between the uncoiling and straightening machine and the feeder to align with press speed and feeder feed length, enabling seamless entry of straightened material into the feeder and die.
  6. Induction Rack and Brake Wheel Adjustment: Fine-tune the distance of the 24V induction rack and the brake wheel on the left side of the machine to ensure material discharge without excessive inertia, facilitating normal straightening. Consider increasing speed appropriately to synchronize with feeder operation.

Special Considerations

  • The uncoiling and straightening machine undergoes rigorous factory inspection before delivery, with preset frequency converter parameters. Any alterations to these parameters should be performed by our company’s professional technicians.
  • When wiring the machine, ensure the presence of an earth wire to prevent electric shock and leakage risks.

By adhering to these operational guidelines, users can optimize the functionality of the UL series uncoiling and straightening machine, enhancing production efficiency and ensuring prolonged equipment lifespan.

Uncoiling and Straightening Machine
Uncoiling and Straightening Machine