Plate straightening machines are crucial for flattening plates and reducing internal stress efficiently. They employ a technique involving misaligned straightening rollers to press materials flat, with the accuracy of straightening directly impacted by precise adjustments in downward roller pressure.

Advanced Straightening Mechanism for Thick Plates

Traditionally, straightening machines rely on spring pressure and manual handwheel adjustments for precision. While effective for plates, thin materials, and foils, this method falls short when handling thick plates. Manual adjustments often lack the precision necessary for achieving optimal straightening results.

Introducing the Worm Gear and Worm Adjustment Device

In response to this challenge, we’ve engineered a specialized solution for thick plate straightening machines: the worm gear and worm adjustment device. This innovative mechanism allows for meticulous adjustment of the straightening process, ensuring superior accuracy.

Components and Functionality

The worm gear and worm adjustment device comprise several components, including a pressure cylinder, sealing cover, tapered roller bearing, straightening shaft, and more. The pressure cylinder facilitates automated material clamping at the machine’s inlet and outlet, while also enabling angle adjustments for material entry.

Precision Control Mechanism

Operating the thick plate straightening machine equipped with the worm gear and worm device involves controlling the pressure roller’s position. This is achieved by manipulating the movement of the worm gear and worm within the machine’s cavity using a handle. As the handle is turned, the flange and worm gear shift, prompting the pressure roller to adjust accordingly. Precise adjustments are facilitated by a scale, ensuring unparalleled straightening accuracy.


With the integration of the advanced worm gear and worm adjustment device, thick plate straightening machines can now achieve unprecedented levels of precision and accuracy. This innovative solution revolutionizes the straightening process, offering superior results for a wide range of materials.

Plate Straightening
Plate Straightening