In the realm of metal sheet processing, the decoiling leveling feeding shearing line, also referred to as the decoiling line or leveling line, emerges as a pivotal solution for efficient material feeding. This production line encompasses various crucial functions, including decoiling, leveling, cutting to length, cross-cutting, and stacking.

Tailored Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Procuring a standardized, high-configured leveling line poses significant financial hurdles, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. To address this challenge, we’ve curated a range of customized, economical production lines meticulously designed to suit the specific material parameters and requirements of our clientele.

Components of an Economical Decoiling Leveling Feeding Shearing Line

An economical decoiling leveling feeding shearing line primarily comprises four key components:


The decoiler serves the purpose of supporting the coil and executing decoiling operations. Employing a vertical expansion decoiling method, it integrates contact induction automatic control for seamless starting and stopping. Additional features, such as a frequency converter for speed regulation and pressure arms to prevent material scattering for thicknesses exceeding 2mm, enhance its functionality. Hydraulic expansion devices ensure complete tightening of coils weighing over 2 tons, while hydraulic loading platform carts facilitate effortless material loading and preparation.

Material Straightening Machine:

This machine plays a vital role in leveling and stress relief of sheet metal. Depending on the thickness and precision requirements, various options are available, including precision thin plate straightening machines, precision straightening machines, medium plate straightening machines, and thick plate straightening machines.

NC Servo Feeder:

Responsible for stepwise sheet feeding into the shearing machine, the NC servo feeder offers flexibility with freely adjustable feeding lengths ranging from 0 to 10 meters. Multi-stage feeding capabilities cater to diverse cutting requirements, with automatic shutdown functionality after a specified number of cuts.

Shearing Machine:

Designed for cutting sheet material with precision and efficiency, the shearing machine integrates leveling and servo motor feeding mechanisms. It accommodates various shapes such as squares, rectangles, and parallelograms. Depending on specific needs, options include mechanical shearing machines and hydraulic shearing machines.


By embracing customized decoiling leveling feeding shearing lines, small and medium-sized enterprises can optimize material processing efficiency while minimizing procurement costs. These tailored solutions ensure enhanced production automation and efficiency, empowering businesses to thrive in the competitive landscape of metal sheet processing.

Decoiling Leveling Feeding Shearing Line
Decoiling Leveling Feeding Shearing Line