In the dynamic realm of stamping production, the decoiler stands as a crucial apparatus for unwinding materials. This innovative device employs a variable-diameter material-supporting technique to ensure a seamless dispensation process. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this technology and explore how a cutting-edge sensor-equipped decoiler can revolutionize the stamping industry.

Unveiling the Decoiler’s Material-Supporting Method

Traditionally, the decoiler expands the inner diameter of coiled material by approximately 20mm. This expansion can be achieved either manually through hand cranking or effortlessly via hydraulic pressure. The objective is to enhance material dispensation and unwinding. Typically, the inner diameter undergoes expansion from 508mm to 525mm. However, a significant drawback accompanies this method.

The Conspicuous Drawback: Abrasions in Final Revolutions

As the decoiler progresses to the last few revolutions, the clamping force of the coiled material yields to the radial expansion force exerted by the drum. This results in the decoiler increasing its diameter up to 525mm, leading to abrasions between layers of the coiled material in the final revolutions. This compromise in product quality poses challenges in the stamping production line.

Overcoming Challenges: Introducing the Sensor-Equipped Decoiler

In scenarios demanding impeccable precision and quality in the stamping process, preventing material scratches often requires manual halting of the production line for coiled material inspection. This meticulous process, while ensuring quality, contributes to prolonged downtime, impacting the operational efficiency of the stamping automated production line.

Innovative Solution: High-Precision Sensor Integration

To tackle these challenges head-on, we’ve developed a sensor-equipped decoiler designed specifically for stamping clients with stringent material accuracy requirements. This advanced variant incorporates a high-precision linear displacement sensor to detect the drum pull rod’s movement accurately.

Systematic Control for Consistent Performance

Through meticulous control of electromagnetic valves, our sensor-equipped decoiler maintains a consistent drum diameter throughout the entire operational cycle. This groundbreaking feature ensures that, even in the final revolutions, the material remains free from interlayer abrasions caused by changes in the drum diameter.

Fundamental Resolution: Enhancing Sheet Metal Yield Rate

This innovative solution fundamentally addresses issues arising from decoiler diameter variations, preventing surface abrasions on the coiled material. The result? An enhanced yield rate of sheet metal, meeting the highest standards of quality and precision.

Versatility in Action: Automatic Dispensation of Steel Strip Coiled Materials

Beyond its application in standard material dispensation, this innovation is seamlessly adaptable for the automatic unwinding of steel strip coiled materials. This broadens its utility spectrum, making it an invaluable asset for diverse stamping applications.

In conclusion, the integration of a sensor-equipped decoiler marks a paradigm shift in stamping production. By mitigating challenges associated with material abrasions and ensuring consistent performance, this innovation sets a new standard for precision and efficiency in the stamping industry.