Wire materials are widely used in many special manufacturing fields. However, when it comes to unwinding and uncoiling wire materials, industrial decoilers designed for sheet materials often encounter problems such as material scatter and deformation during the uncoiling process. This affects the stability, safety, and quality of subsequent manufacturing processes and the finished stamping products.

To address this issue, Henli, a professional decoiler manufacturer, has designed and produced an industrial decoiler dedicated to wire uncoiling. Equipped with a frequency converter, a tension roller, and an inductive sensor, this decoiler provides smooth and synchronous wire uncoiling, ensuring efficient and stable decoiling.

Meeting the Demand for Automated Wire Stamping

The demand for automated wire stamping is growing, and traditional decoilers used for sheet materials are not always suitable for wire materials. Henli’s industrial decoiler for wire uncoiling provides a dedicated solution to this problem.

Special Features of Henli’s Industrial Decoiler

Henli’s industrial decoiler is equipped with a frequency converter, which controls the decoiling speed and ensures it remains consistent with the subsequent manufacturing process. The tension roller ensures smooth wire uncoiling and prevents material scatter and deformation.

The inductive sensor on the tension roller senses the uncoiling speed, which is then transmitted to the frequency converter for real-time control. The A-type material support frame, designed as a baffle plate, provides stability and safety during the uncoiling process.

How to Use Henli’s Industrial Decoiler for Wire Uncoiling

Using Henli’s industrial decoiler for wire uncoiling is a straightforward process. First, position the wire material coil on the material support plate with the A-type baffle plate. Then, lead the wire through the tension roller and into the subsequent leveling or feeding machine.

After that, adjust the position of the inductive sensor, and test the machine for accuracy before starting the automatic uncoiling button for automated uncoiling. During uncoiling, the industrial decoiler automatically senses the uncoiling speed through the inductive sensor on the tension roller and controls the speed through the frequency converter, ensuring efficient and stable decoiling.


Henli’s industrial decoiler for wire uncoiling is a dedicated solution to the problems encountered when using traditional decoilers for sheet materials on wire materials. With its special features such as the frequency converter, tension roller, and inductive sensor, this decoiler provides efficient, stable, and high-quality wire uncoiling, ensuring the finished products meet the required quality standards.

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