Installing an electromagnetic valve for an air feeder of E type is crucial for ensuring optimal performance. Follow this comprehensive guide for seamless installation.

Preparation Steps

Before initiating the installation process, make sure to gather all the necessary tools and materials for a hassle-free setup. This includes a ring clamp, sealing tape, threaded joints, elbow joints, and the electromagnetic valve itself.

Step-by-Step Installation Procedure

  1. Preparation: Begin by raising the floating rod of the air feeder. Then, utilize a ring clamp to secure the ring out of the main hole. If the floating rod proves challenging to pull out, simply open the air valve switch to facilitate the process.
  2. Sealing: To prevent air leakage, it’s imperative to apply sealing tape. Wrap the threaded part of each threaded joint and elbow joint with sealing tape for approximately two to three turns.
  3. Installing Electromagnetic Valve:
    • Rotation of I-Type Elbow Pipe: Rotate the I-type elbow pipe into the control valve plug of the air feeder. Install the small O-ring on the control valve plug and the large O-ring in the main hole groove. Then, push the control valve plug into the main hole and securely tighten the clamp.
    • Insertion of L-Shaped Elbow Pipe: Insert the L-shaped elbow pipe into the designated hole marked with code B on the air feeder E-type electromagnetic valve. The L-shaped elbow pipe offers flexibility as it can be rotated to any desired direction.
    • Replacing Elbow with Tee: Substitute the elbow of the air feeder with a tee. Connect a threaded joint to each side of the tee. Rotate one side into the hole on the main body’s side and the other side into the hole marked with code C of the E-type electromagnetic valve.
    • Thread Nylon Tube: Thread the nylon tube through the I-shaped elbow pipe and the L-shaped elbow pipe, then securely lock it in place.
  4. Manual Operation: Notice the red mark on the upper part of the E-type electromagnetic valve. This mark signifies manual operability. To power on the valve manually, press the middle red part.


By adhering to these precise installation instructions, you can ensure the effective setup of the electromagnetic valve for the air feeder E type. Following these steps diligently will optimize the performance and longevity of your equipment, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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